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What's new to Stream in March?

What's new to Stream in March?

Bringing the best of art, ideas and performance to your living room

Sydney Opera House

The new Stream app is available now on Android and iOS

Don’t miss your chance to livestream talks from this year’s All About Women festival, led by icons Roxane Gay and Nakkiah Lui; catch the final instalment of our captivating and essential UK/AU Digital Season; and dive into the latest chapter in our exclusive, newly commissioned art series, Returning. Plus, join us as we celebrate Piano Day.

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Piano Day 2022

Broadcast: Tuesday 29 March, 7:30pm AEDT

Celebrating all dimensions of the instrument, Piano Day 2022 will feature an exclusive broadcast of new performances from classical, experimental and contemporary musicians - lineup to be announced. The broadcast will air on Stream, YouTube, Facebook and WeChat on Tuesday 29 March, 7:30pm AEDT.

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UK/AU Digital Season

The final collection of films as part of our cutting edge series have arrived on our shores, platforming diverse and unique UK voices, presented by the Sydney Opera House in collaboration with The British Council.

Can I Live? | Theatre Complicité

In this vital new digital performance about the climate catastrophe, actor and activist Fehinti Balogun weaves together spoken word, rap, theatre, and animation to find his personal place in the environmental movement, pose challenging questions for our leaders and cultivate a sense of hope for the future. Free to stream.

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East Belfast Boy | Prime Cut Productions

Not your grandpa Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast, this explosive, shot-on-the-streets production mixes hard-hitting techno, gritty urban poetry, and wild, bracing physicality to take us behind the facade of male bravado – and to the very edge of who we are. Free to stream.

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It's True, It's True, It's True | Breach Theatre

Breach Theatre’s award-winning production takes the transcripts of a 17th-century rape trial and transforms them into a remarkable, female-led performance of a legal battle that will feel all too familiar for 21st-century audiences. Free to stream.

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The Shimmering Extraordinary | Scottish Ballet

This compelling series of six short dance films, created by the Scottish Ballet in collaboration with Emmy-nominated director Fx Goby, celebrates themes of acceptance, diversity, and respect via a focus on extraordinary dancers from different backgrounds. Free to stream.

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BLOWN | Corey Baker

Fresh from delighting us by performing Swan Lake in a bathtub, multi-award-winning choreographer Corey Baker marked the COP26 Scottish global climate conference with this innovative dance film, set against the dramatic landscape of Scotland, that captures movement inspired by renewable energy and the power of the wind. Free to stream.

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Feeling Thing | Candoco Dance Company & Jo Bannon

Retrain your sensitivity to those everyday objects around you (and rethink your relationship with your vacuum) with this performance from multi-disciplinary artist Jo Bannon, which features ‘intimate duets’ between object and performer, and an ASMR soundscape that draws you into the uncanny space where all things are alive. Free to stream.

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Cuckoo | Sadler's Wells & Candoco Dance Company

A prosthetic leg containing a working cuckoo clock is the unlikely inspiration for this playful, visually striking new dance performance, in which dancer Welly O’Brien – and her chirpy limb – invite us to cherish our time. Free to stream.

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Unspoken Spoken | Candoco Dance Company

How can we challenge the rules if we don’t first recognise them? Choreographer Fin Walker’s challenging piece, performed by a diverse cast of disabled and non-disabled dancers, combines sign language, voice, and movement to explore the boundaries that hold us back – and how to break them. Free to stream.

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Returning: Chapter 2

Building upon the success of 2021’s first installment, Returning: Chapter 2 continues our specially commissioned series of digital contemporary art responding to the current moment. Exclusive to Stream, these four films showcase Australian and Taiwanese artists with particular interests exploring autobiography, mythology and culture – artists willing to ask provocative questions about a world in crisis. The new series includes a collaboration between multi-media artist Charwei Tsai and heavyweight experimental musician Stephen O’Malley of SUNN O))); a radical reimagining of the Sydney Opera House by dancer and choreographer Angela Goh and artist Su Yu Hsin; a surrealist piece by innovative Taiwanese collective Riverbed Theatre Company; and Amrita Hepti’s immersive split-screen personification of the harbour’s friendly freshwater eel. Free to stream. 

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All About Women

Available: 13/03/22

The Opera House’s annual All About Women returns for its 10th! year on 13 March. The annual festival celebrates extraordinary artists and thinkers in a vibrant day of stimulating debate about the big ideas important to women, non-binary people and their allies, inviting audiences to gather and reflect on burning questions about gender, equality and justice. Available to livestream this year are conversations between American feminist powerhouse Roxane Gay and Gamilaroi/Torres Strait Islander playwright, actor and screenwriter Nakkiah Lui, plus former Australians of the Year Rosie Batty and Grace Tame appearing in conversation for the first time. Along with legendary ABC journalist Laura Tingle, writer Clementine Ford, a panel on the future of First Nations world views, and much, much more. Livestream tickets are $14.99 each, or Stream all talks with the Festival Pass for $74.99.

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