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New to Stream this November

Welcoming summer with a month of movement

Sydney Opera House

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As the seasons change, this month’s Stream is all about the transformative power of movement, from classic ballets reimagined to a compilation of Indigenous dance; from a little owl’s cultural journey to a choreographer’s uncanny fusion of the familiar and the alien. We’re excited to bring you a series of films showcasing the work of renowned British choreographer and director Matthew Bourne, whose unique reimagining of timeless works includes his famously homoerotic Swan Lake, a juvenile detention-set Romeo and Juliet, and a vibrant twist on iconic masterpiece The Red Shoes. There’s also a newly-curated piece that highlights incredible performances from 10 years of our Indigenous dance festival DANCERITES, an enchanting kids’ story about an owl by Larrakia Elder June Milles, and a look at the artistic process behind dancer Angela Goh’s amazing Sky Blue Mythic, streaming as part our our regular series, Side By Side. Step to it!

Matthew Bourne Dance Season

In a career spanning more than 30 years, celebrated British choreographer and director Matthew Bourne has been transforming the way we experience dance, reimagining classic works in bold new ways that speak to contemporary audiences. This series of five performances, lavishly captured on film by the innovative production company Illuminations, showcase Bourne at his most distinctive. Perhaps his best-known work, Swan Lake, reconfigures Tchaikovsky’s beloved fantasy as a muscular corps de ballet of menacing male swans, while his combustible take on Romeo and Juliet relocates Shakespeare’s tale of star-crossed lovers to a juvenile detention centre. Also streaming are The Car Man, Bourne’s sizzling and provocative riff on Bizet’s Carmen; Cinderella, a daring love story that transposes the enduring fairy tale to WWII London; and The Red Shoes, a two-act remix of Powell’s and Pressburger’s cinematic masterpiece set to the unmistakable music of composer Bernard Herrmann.

Rent the Season Bundle to watch all five films now and save 30%, or catch each film as they are released individually throughout November. And check out our Matthew Bourne Cheat Sheet for more information.

Release Schedule:

Films are available to rent for 30 days after release. 

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DANCERITES: Deadly Moments

For almost a decade, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have travelled to the Sydney Opera House from all over the country to take part in our national First Nations dance competition, DANCERITES. Since 2015, more than 1300 participants from 95 dance groups have joined the festival to celebrate the dance practices of our first peoples, helping revitalise First Nations leadership and showcase the richness and diversity of First Nations culture. With the physical Festival on hold this year due to the pandemic, we’ve opened up our archives to bring you Deadly Moments, a dynamic new digital piece that highlights the competition’s many amazing performances and celebrates what DANCERITES means for the community. Curated by our inaugural head of First Nations programming, Rhoda Roberts, and presented by current head of First Nations programming, Beau James. Free to stream.

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Witladla by June Mills

Pre-schoolers (and more than a few parents) are going to love this enchanting performance by Larrakia Elder and multi-disciplinary artist June Mills. Rich with songs, puppets, and references to traditional Larrakia culture, it tells the story of Witladla, a little owl who loses his necklace and must set out on a journey to find it – with the help of some very special friends. Kids will be captivated by Aunty June’s warm, funny storytelling – not to mention her evocative puppets, drawn from traditional designs – and have a chance to interact with Larrakia language and culture. It’s a wonderful way for new generations to engage with the knowledge and spirit of Elders – and it’s also a whole lot of fun. Free to stream.

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ACO StudioCasts: Schubert's Quintet

The latest release in the ACO StudioCast series is Schubert's Quintet. Beautifully shot, incredibly cinematic and with high-quality audio, the StudioCasts series transforms our expectations of what an on-demand orchestral experience can be. Featuring a star-studded ACO ensemble, Schubert's Quintet is a journey through sadness, fear, contemplation and joy. Schubert’s career was marked by admiration for Beethoven and his desire to match the heights achieved by his hero. In his “perfect” Quintet, possibly the best long-form piece of chamber music ever written, he achieved that goal. Available to rent individually or as part of the ACO StudioCasts Collection.

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Side By Side: Angela Goh & CORIN

This month our conversation series Side By Side takes a fascinating look at the collaborative process behind Sky Blue Mythic, the mesmerising dance performance from choreographer Angela Goh that premiered at the Sydney Opera House in May. Join Goh and her musical collaborator Corin Ileto – aka CORIN – as they explore their innovative work on this otherworldly performance, and discover how Goh’s haunting, strikingly precise movements combined with CORIN’s time-warping soundtrack to create a uncanny fusion of the familiar and the alien. A revealing insight into the performance process of these daring, boundary-pushing artists. Free to stream.

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