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Lucy Moss' top SIX TikToks

They're one of a kind, no category... Show co-creator Lucy Moss has crowned her favourite SIX TikToks

Lucy Moss
Composer and co-writer of SIX

Without the Queendom, there is no show. It’s just a bunch of people in a room singing songs and dancing for themselves. The Queendom are the ones who carry the message out of the room and into the world - and they’re the ones who bring the joy and excitement into the theatre. Literally love them all so much I can’t even.

Ex-Wives (Sing-A-Long) - SIX


I love this one, because I am literally each and every one of them and I relate hard to the analysis that the Queens have undergone.

Tiktok plz help me find my friend


I mean, I’m just super invested in this narrative. DID THEY FIND THEIR NEW FRIEND!?!?! I MUST KNOW!!!!!!!!!!

Put A. Finger Down Theatre Edition - Charlie.xhs


Love this, because we stan an absolute thespy super Queen. Obsessed with this person’s top, and with the fact that they’re obvi just a theatre-going legend.

very necessary things i need to post


This TikTok made me go ‘woah’.

Haus of Holbein - GMB


Cos we absolutely stan a Queen who can walk in a million inch heels. And I always love a platform, ya know.

Ze Haus Of Homos - Alfie


I think this might be the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life and also incredibly relatable content. Can I move in plz?


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