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Image of SIX Queens posing on stage


See how the Queens of SIX spend a day out in Sydney.

Sydney Opera House

This summer, the Queens of SIX have called Sydney home. In fact, the Ex-wives have become so accustomed to the one-of-a-kind Harbour City that they've come up with their own itineraries for spending a day around town – each befitting their distinctive royal personalities. So, whether you're rebellious like Boleyn, playful like Howard or grounded like Seymour, we've got a day-planner for you. Before you #GetDown, live it up!



She’s a paragon of royalty and her queenspirations include Beyoncé and Shakira. Determined and self-assured, she was born to wear a crown. The daughter of a warrior queen, Catherine was steadfast throughout her 24-year marriage to Henry VIII and wouldn’t go without a fight.

Her legendary speech at the court investigation into her marriage was a showstopper. 

Aragon never says no to a touch of luxury and you’ll find her at the hottest spots around Sydney, while keeping herself grounded by getting back to nature and appreciating the scenic splendour in this beautiful city.

Catherine of Aragon

Morning Bondi to Bronte walk

Dressed head to toe in her new active wear, you can spot Aragon strutting her stuff on the Bondi to Bronte walk to get in her morning steps! Nothing like a coffee and the sunrise to set this queen up for a fabulous day!

Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

Afternoon QVB and The Galleries Retail Precinct

A building fit for a queen. Aragon spends her afternoon gazing at glorious Aboriginal Art, trying on (and buying) fabulous jewellery and popping on a jimmy choo pump (or two!) Only the height of luxury for this royal.


Twilight Chocolate Crackle at Bennelong

This epic take on the classic chocolate crackle is as decadent as Aragon herself. The first of the six wives LOVES Peter Gilmore’s famous Chocolate Crackle while taking in the stunning Harbour views from the opulent Bennelong restaurant.  

Chocolate Crackle

Night SIX at Sydney Opera House

There’s NO WAY Aragon is missing her curtain call. Catch this natural born QUEEN flex her killer vocal runs 9 times a week at SIX the Musical and prove that she’s the first queen to the mic for a reason.

Sydney Opera House



She’s that Boleyn girl and her queenspirations include Lily Allen and Avril Lavigne.

A true maverick, she dances to her own tune - think rock, punk and quirk. Anne Boleyn was regarded as a rebel in her time, who was not afraid to provoke or be unconventional. She wore French fashion, negotiated her own marriage with Henry Percy and resisted the king’s advances while he was still married.

One of Anne Boleyn’s mottos was “let them grumble; that is how it’s going to be”... or sorry not sorry, as Demi Lovato says. 

You’ll find Boleyn at Sydney’s grungy underground music venues, dive bars and indie brunch spots. If it’s new, indie and a little bit punk – that’s right up this queen’s alley!

Anne Boleyn

Morning Brunch at Brewtown Newtown

Boleyn, like many of us, can’t get going without an extra large latte from her favourite brunch spot in town! She’ll also often get lost wandering up and down the streets of Newtown popping her head into boutiques on King St. 

Brewtown Newtown

Afternoon Quick stop by Mecca

This Queen may have green sleeves, but her lipstick is rebellious red! Boleyn can’t walk past her make up haven without stocking up. 


Twilight SIX at Sydney Opera House

Boleyn LOVES to dance and sing! She can’t wait to have some fun with you all while the queens are still in Sydney. Don’t be sorry, book your tickets now!

Sydney Opera House

Night Post show bevvy at Palmer & Co

Time to get her flirt on while sipping on a cocktail at this 1920s themed underground bar. Plenty of dark corners to flirt with a boy (or three!) Hopefully Boleyn’s next relationship will end better than the last…

Palmer and Co



She’s the ‘only one he truly loved’ and her queenspirations include Adele and Sia.

Loyal and grounded, Seymour speaks from the heart. People sometimes underestimate her but her warm demeanor masks a pillar of strength.

Jane Seymour may have been a dutiful wife, but she also used her calming influence to effect a reconciliation between the king and his daughter Mary.

You’ll find Seymour at the local markets, family friendly brunch spots and more casual chic dining or cocktails before making a night of it with SIX.

Jane Seymour

Morning Marrickville Organic Market

Seymour is an early riser and loves to start her day at an organic market to buy fresh produce and flowers – only the best quality for her family. 

Marrickville Organic Market

Afternoon Swim at Bondi Icebergs

Ever wonder how Seymour stays so poised and centred? This queen loves to get in a few laps before a show. The smell of the ocean, the cool water on her skin, the sound of the waves lapping the shore. No one can break this queens freestyle record!

Bondi Icebergs

Twilight SIX at Sydney Opera House

Just like our love, Seymour’s schedule is set in stone. This powerhouse queen is both head and heart strong, and her unbreakable spirit brings the house down 9 times a week!

Sydney Opera House

Night Enjoy a glass of Mumm at Portside Sydney

To wind down after the emotional rollercoaster of her power ballard, this super mum enjoys a glass of Mumm at Portside overlooking the calming sparkle of the city over Sydney Harbour. 

Mumm Champagne at Portside



Ich Bin Anna of Cleves, ja?! and her queenspirations include Nicki Minaj and Rihanna.

Fierce and Independent, when life gave her lemons, Cleve made lemonade.

Anna of Cleves may have been rejected by Henry VIII but she came into her own once they’d divorced, using her independent status and money to enjoy life on her own terms.

She loves anything by artists who are as unique as she is and just like Rihanna she refused to be confined by society’s expectations of her and was ready to reinvent herself.

You’ll find Cleves at the local modern art or portrait gallery, partaking in some fine dining or cutting loose at a high-octane adventure tourism activity – skydiving? Any takers? That's Cleves. 

Anna of Cleves

Morning The Grounds of Alexandria

It might not be acres and acres, but the grounds definitely make Cleves feel at home. She loves to start her day wandering around the grounds, coffee in hand. And the best part? It’s dog friendly.

Grounds of Alexandria

Afternoon Museum of Contemporary Art

It might not be acres and acres, but the grounds definitely make Cleves feel at home. She loves to start her day wandering around the grounds, coffee in hand. And the best part? It’s dog friendly.

Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney

Twilight Pre-theatre dining at Portside

To fuel up for the show, Cleves loves to stop in for a quick pre-show bite at Portside. She’ll even share her throne with you at the entrance to the venue. But only if you tag her @sixthemusicalau #SIXtheMusicalAU 

Dinner at Portside

Night SIX at the Sydney Opera House

Cleves brings the party. Get ready to Get Down with this queen of the castle who proves you definitely don’t need a rich man to rule. She’s cheeky, hilarious and a whole lot of fun.

Sydney Opera House



K-Howard is here and the fun’s begun. Her queenspirations include Ariana Grande and Britney Spears.

Playful and unguarded, she’s not ashamed to enjoy life. Katherine was passionate and funny; a chameleon who quickly learned to adapt to different environments.

She’s inspired by contemporary pop starlets who own their identity and want to change the way women are perceived. As Ariana Grande stated: “We are not objects or prizes. We are queens”.

Howard is a fitness fiend and music junkie who loves discovering new bands before painting the town pink at the city’s hottest new speakeasy or hidden cocktail bar. Howard is a trendsetter and is always seeking the coolest new places to spend her hours before or after the show at SIX.

Katherine Howard

Morning Paramount Recreation Club

Undeniably, Howard is a 10/10. But not without giving it her all. She starts the day with a group fitness class to keep fit and limber, ready to take on whatever the day throws at her. 

Paramount Recreation Club

Afternoon Opera Bar

Howard loves to catch up with friends with a side of the sparkling harbour. Sunshine and good conversation, perfect spot to make a real connection. No creepers please. 

Opera Bar

Twilight SIX at Sydney Opera House

Howard may look pretty in pink, but this queen is as fierce as they come. Trust us, all you wanna do is see this queen slay the stage. The chemistry is palpable, and the musical dynamics are unreal! 

Sydney Opera House

Night Post show SIX cocktail at the Foyer Bar

Perfect pink cocktail to end the night. Inspired by the Queens of SIX, this is a drink will make you feel regal and ready to reign.

SIX cocktail



Last up, the survivor: Catherine Parr. Her queenspirations include Alicia Keys and Emeli Sandé.

Intelligent, genuine and down to earth, Parr is a force to be reckoned with. She may be sensible and reliable but she’s also passionate and driven.

Catherine had to give up the man she loved when Henry VIII decided to marry her and devoted her time as queen to being a good stepmother, supporting the reformation and promoting female education.

A trailblazer, she was the first woman in England to write and publish a book in English under her own name. You’ll find Parr amongst the aisles of a brilliant bookshop or state library, touring parliaments or spending time in botanical gardens formulating her next big idea. She spends her days lifting up the queens around her and makes sure to support women owned businesses everywhere she goes.

Catherine Parr

Morning State Library of NSW

Literature is Parr’s passion and she loves starting her day walking the aisles of the state library and celebrating all the female writers that were able to blaze their own trail and share their voice through the power of the written word. 

State Library of NSW

Afternoon Centre for Creativity at SOH

A wonderful stepmother, Parr spends her afternoon at the Centre for Creativity, inspiring the young minds of tomorrow and teaching them to importance of creativity, mindfulness and community.

Centre for Creativity

Twilight Botanic Gardens

Connecting and communing with nature is a spiritual experience for Parr who can get lost in gardens while she explores her mind. Sydney’s Botanic Gardens are particularly special as Parr loves to learn about Australia’s stunning native flora.

Botanical Gardens Sydney

Night SIX at the Sydney Opera House

Parr may not need your love, but she ADORES it! As we adore her. Her vocal runs aren’t the only thing that keep us coming back for more. Parr show-stopping final number takes back control and empowers the queens to remix his-tory to her-story and vaults the audience to their feet. 

Centre for Creativity

So Sydney, which queen are you?

SIX the Musical must leave Sydney on 2 April. You can try your luck catching them around town, or book your ticket and be guaranteed the full royal treatment. 

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