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Classic Kids

Introduction to classical music for little ears 

Introduce little ears to musical soundscapes and classical compositions with the Classic Kids podcast and our interactive at home activity sheets. 

In 2018, we presented two brand new live productions, Sounds like Australia and Music for the Dreaming, where the story was brought to life beyond the stage in a podcast series. 

Through sounds and storytelling, these resources are designed to help kids learn about the instruments and develop their musical vocabulary. Get your listening ears ready! 

Classic Kids was co-produced in collaboration with ABC Kids Listen and ABC Classic


Meet the instrument with these short introductory videos! 


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“Hello! I'm Casey Clarinet and I'm in the Woodwind family. Just look at all the silver buttons on my body! I use these to make lots of notes, high and low, and I can play them quickly.”

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“Hiya, I'm Finn Flute, a Woodwind family member. My notes are made by blowing air through my long tubular body, and pressing buttons to make the notes high or low – just like Casey Clarinet. My voice is smooth and light, just like a like singing bird.”

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“Hey there, I'm Violet Vibraphone! I'm a proud member of the Percussion family. My body is made of metal, and I have a lot of keys that play high and low notes when you use a hit them with sticks called mallets" . 

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“Hey there, I'm Mei Marimba. I'm a proud member of the Percussion family. My keys are made of beautiful wood so when you strike them it sounds like a forest of trees is singing and clapping together."

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“Hi! I'm Pandora Piano and I belong to the Percussion family of instruments. My  body is made from wood and I have lots of strings inside me. When you press my black and white keys, the strings wobble and echo to make sounds". 


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“Hi there, I'm Daisy Drum and I'm in the Percussion family too. My job is to keep all the instruments playing their notes to the same beat. I use two sticks to strike my belly which is made of skin – just like yours!"

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“Hi! I'm Chan Cello and I belong to the String family of instruments. My strings are thick and my body is curvy so it makes my notes sound quite low and steady.”

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“G'day, I'm Vishnu Violin and I'm another member of the String family. My strings are thinner and my body is smaller so I make much higher notes than Chan Cello, and I can play them SO fast! Often, I'm the star of the show, leading the ensemble."


The live stage shows brought to life in a podcast series. 

Discover Classic Kids podcast on ABC KIDS listen

With two distinct seasons Sounds Like Australia, narrated by ABC Play School's Luke Carrol and Music for The Dreaming, narrated by ABC Bushwacked's Kamil Ellis, Classic Kids focuses on Australian-made music performed by Ensemble Offspring. 

Listen now


Continue learning and download our activity sheets, inspired by the Classic Kids podcast. 


 Sounds like Australia

Sounds like Australia follows the story of Kirra Quokka she passes through different landscapes across Australia, and meets lots of furry and feathered friends along the way! 

Get young minds thinking about the sounds of our own environments, and see if it's possible to draw sound! 

Download activity sheet

Music for the Dreaming

Music for the Dreaming explores how sounds can tell stories and create atmosphere. 

Engage in two activities that explore the seasons as you create your own collage and soundscape to tell a story. 

Download activity sheet

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