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Who’s in the lift?

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Curious kids step through the giant doors of the scenery lift at the Sydney Opera House and meet some amazing people from the stage and behind the scenes.


Contemporary performer

Lea, Bartram and Ziggy meet performing artist Hilton, who shares his incredible talent for tap dancing, playing the guitar, and creating percussion beats with his shoes!


Xavier, Nina and Henry discover how actor Jo uses his voice, body and costumes to create lots of dramatically different characters!


Lea, Henry and Emma meet conductor Vanessa and learn how she keeps the orchestra on track with her gestures and baton!


Ziggy, Nina and Emma learn how to perfect the drum roll as they meet Jess, a percussionist who can play thousands of instruments!

Lighting Designer

Bartram, Lea and Ziggy meet a lighting technician as they use different coloured lights to express emotions, and even throw a dance party!

Stage Manager

Henry, Nina and Xavier meet stage manager Monica and learn how she keeps performances running smoothly from backstage!

Ballet dancers

Bartram, Lea and Owen spin, twirl and chicken dance as they meet Rhys (now at Sydney Dance Company) and Naomi to discover what it takes to be a ballet dancer!

Piano Tuner

Oliver, Indie and Emma meet Sydney Opera House’s piano tuner Terry, and take a peek inside a baby grand piano!

Opera Singer

Emma, Xavier and Bartram meet an opera singer and see who can hit the highest note!

More videos for the kids from the Sydney Opera House

George meets the orchestra

Follow George as he learns all about the four families of the orchestra from players from the Sydney Youth Orchestra.

Through the unique eyes of Tim Sharp

The visual artist has won many fans with his sense of humour, and character 'Laser Beak Man'.

Behind the scenes

What does it take to design the set for a play? Take a journey behind the scenes of Emil and the Detectives and learn the step by step process.

Stories from behind the curtain

Go Backstage and discover more from the people, shows and stories that bring the Opera House to life.