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Arty Farty

Season 1 - This Kids Life

This Kid Life is a podcast by the Sydney Opera House, where we unpack big ideas by little thinkers. Join our host Jennifer Macey to find out what kids think about science, resilience, diversity and accessibility. 

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Episode 9: Accessibility


What if you couldn’t participate in the activities you wanted to, just because you couldn’t use the stairs or weren’t able to see what type of money you were holding? In this episode we talk about disability and learn about the importance of accessibility, so all kids can participate in the activities they love. Plus, learn the rules of wheelchair basketball! 


Episode 8: Diversity


When we think about sport and the workplace- are we treated differently depending on if we are a girl or a boy or what cultural background we are from? In this episode we discuss the importance of gender and cultural diversity. Plus, learn why girls are just as capable as boys!


Episode 7: Resilient Kids

How do we deal with losing someone we love? In this episode we discuss the importance of reaching out and talking about how we feel when we experience failure, disappointment or the loss of a loved one. We meet Grace, whose father died when she was 10. Grace now makes a web series which celebrates her dad’s life and acts to keep his memory alive. Plus, learn how to make to make a cake for the soul (it’s chocolate flavoured!)

Episode 6: Science


Come inside the science fair and hear about the projects created by kids who love all things science! Meet Macinley Butson who invented a technology to help women with cancer while she was still in school. Plus, learn how to make slime!

Episode 5: Social Media

CN Lester on It's A Long Story

In the final episode of this season, 12 year old Ariel interviews Sydney Opera House Social Media Specialist Claire and we hear from kids helping to build a new App for young people.  We all know Social Media takes up a lot of kids time and energy and comes with some inherent dangers.  Yet all the kids we spoke to were keenly aware of being safe on the internet and pretty savvy about not relying too heavily on 'likes' to boost their self-esteem. 

Episode 4: Music

CN Lester on It's A Long Story

Lots of kids will do music lessons or learn an instrument at some point in their lives. But some kids have made it their lives. We talk to the Sydney Children's choir about what music means to them and what it's like to perform on stage at the Sydney Opera House. 

Episode 3: Creativity

What is Creativity? Is it more than just music or art? Is it the way you see the world and tackle problems?  Our young thinkers define creativity and what it means to them.  Two young parkour trainees interview Dauntless Movement Crew to find out how to tap into their creativity.

Episode 2: Education

School's back in session and there's a lot of learning going on. From maths to geography, circus stunts and tricks to dreaded homework assignments. But what do kids really think about their education? Find out as we visit Circus Monoxide in Wollongong, where the kids ask the teacher some big questions.

Episode 1: Environment

CN Lester on It's A Long Story

On the steps of the Sydney Opera House lies a snoozing Australian fur seal. What will happen to the beloved seal as the waters warm and Sydney Harbour becomes polluted? Hear the hopes, fears and what the environment means to the kids of today.

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