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Amon Tobin – Beyond 3D ISAM 

Live at Sydney Opera House

Digital Season | Recorded in the Concert Hall at Vivid LIVE 2012

On Demand
Genre: Contemporary Music

Amon Tobin’s audiovisual spectacle ISAM took over the Concert Hall at Vivid LIVE 2012 in an audiovisual spectacle like no other. Taking projection mapping, electronic performance and technological syncopation into more immersive territory, Amon Tobin’s reputation as an innovative artist has long been recognised by critics and peers alike; with ISAM, he has finally captured the imagination of the broader public worldwide.

The Brazilian born producer constructed a custom-built 25 ft, 3 ton cubic installation, acting as a morphing multidimensional screen. Tobin himself is perched within the structure’s core, revealed to the audience in key moments of a visual narrative. Like the fantastical battle scene depicted in ISAM’s artwork, Tobin pilots crashing machines, ripples and waves, and shape-shifting explosions in an overwhelming sensory experience.

A natural extension of his diverse catalogue on the esteemed Ninja Tune label and various video game soundtracks (Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory), it is a testament to Tobin that ISAM’s visuals do not overshadow the music, a result that can be distilled to his underlying philosophy – ‘Creativity does not really need technology – it is the other way around’.

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