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Keaton Henson: Six Lethargies 

and exclusive new recording of ‘Husk’

Digital Season | Recorded in the Joan Sutherland Theatre at Vivid LIVE 2019

Time: Saturday, 3 October 8pm AEST
Genre: Contemporary Music

On Demand from: 3 October
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“I wondered if, instead of bringing people to tears, which can be quite cathartic…I could give them a direct musical experience of my anxiety disorder. If I write how it feels to me, will it make you feel the same?”
– Keaton Henson

Immerse yourself in Keaton Henson's extraordinary Six Lethargies – a beautiful meditation on the musician's own experience as a chronic anxiety sufferer. This unique audiovisual experience used data from previous audience members – hooked up to biometric sensors – to give real-time responses to the music, which was capable of altering the visual and lighting design during the performance itself.

Plus ahead of the full performance tune in for an exclusive recorded performance of Henson's latest single 'Husk' from his forthcoming album Monument, which Keaton says is "about waking up and realising that you’ve aged. That time, the traitor, has taken from you your best years, the ones where your bones didn’t ache and you could make it through the day without questioning existence."

Six Lethargies was composed by Henson and commissioned by Sydney Opera House for Vivid LIVE 2019, in partnership with the Barbican Centre, London and the National Concert Hall, Dublin. 

Orchestra provided courtesy of Opera Australia

Paul Fitzsimon

1st Violin 
Katherine Lukey Leader
Adrian Keating
Daniel Rosenbaum
Kelly Tang
Peter Clark
Caroline Hopson
Jennifer Hoy
Belinda Jezek
Reafen Liu
Sonia Wilson

2nd Violin
Madeleine Easton Principal
Virginia Blunt
Rachel Easton
Dominique Gallery
Michele O'Young
Vanessa Tammetta
Tracy Wan
Stephanie Zarka

Virginia Comerford Principal
Jacqueline Cronin
Ella Brinch
Greg Ford
Justin Julian
Ken Milton
Georgina Price
Steve Wright

Paul Ghica Principal
Margaret Iddison
Eleanor Betts
Minah Choe
Miles Mullin-Chivers
Rebecca Proietto
Clare Kahn

Double Bass
Andrew Meisel Principal
Bonita Williams
Jennifer Druery
Jennifer Penno

This film was produced by Sydney Opera House
Directed by Andrew Lord

What does anxiety sound like?

Celebrated folk musician Keaton Henson has tackled his illness head on, creating a six part symphony chronicling the different stages of anxiety and trauma.

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