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Thinking Through a Crisis: Charlotte Wood

Digital Season | Streamed live from the Joan Sutherland Theatre

Time: On Demand
Genre: Talks & Ideas

Join bestselling, award winning novelist Charlotte Wood as she reflects on this extraordinary moment in time. In a restricted physical world, what place does a rich inner life have when scheduled in between a frenzy of Zoom meetings, hypervigilance, existential dread and online yoga?

Can this time of pause provide a unique opportunity for reflection and regeneration? This unmissable special event will cut to the heart of our collective experience of a world gone still.

Hosted by Edwina Throsby.

More about this talk series: Thinking Through a Crisis

Thinking Through a Crisis is a series of conversations recorded live on the Sydney Opera House stage. Reflecting on the far-reaching impact of COVID-19 on all aspects of our lives, our leading speakers and thinkers will provide insight and meaning during this extraordinary historical moment. How are we responding as individuals and societies, what’s emerging as important, and what parts of “the new normal” do we want to retain on the other side?

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