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Mad Max: Creating the Apocalypse

In Conversation with George Miller, Hosted by Ben Marshall

Digital Season | Recorded at GRAPHIC festival, in the Concert Hall in 2015

Time: On Demand
Genre: Talks

"A triumph of barking-mad imagination"

'Miller has reminded us that blockbusters have the potential to not only be art, but radically visionary'
The New York Times

Academy Award-winning writer-director and creator of Mad Max George Miller takes us through Fury Road's 12-year journey from the storyboard to screen with co-writer and illustrator, Brendan McCarthy and comic co-writer Nico Lathouris.

Creating a comic-sized universe with backstories for every character, costume and vehicle, Fury Road's absorbing reality is the unorthodox result of 3500 graphic novel style storyboard panels that served as the film's script and blueprint. 

Proving he can still push film boundaries in an age oversaturated with franchises, Miller's fourth Mad Max instalment weathered three major delays, a switch of continents and multiple Hollywood studios before reigniting what the action saga can achieve.

Exploring the universal hero myth and Mad Max's distinctive iconography, GRAPHIC Festival in 2015 invited Fury Road's core creative team to re-enter the halls of Valhalla in a rare behind-the-scenes conversation about Australia's most beloved series to feature a V8.

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