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Thinking Through a Crisis: Annabel Crabb and Adam Liaw 

Digital Season | Streamed live from the Joan Sutherland Theatre

Time: On Demand
Genre: Talks & Ideas

Join Annabel Crabb and Adam Liaw for a glorious romp through the perils of the pantry, the hazards of the hotplate, and the celebration that greets the perfect sourdough. Mealtimes are the centrepiece of many social events, how has that changed with restaurants closed and visiting banned? With many of us working from home, have traditional gender roles in the kitchen been reinforced? With the pandemic affecting availability of ingredients, is it time to collectively reconsider how our food is sourced, both locally and globally? And as restrictions begin to loosen, will we continue cooking up a storm, or are we all just a bit fried? 

Hosted by Edwina Throsby.

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More about this talk series: Thinking Through a Crisis

Thinking Through a Crisis is a series of conversations recorded live on the Sydney Opera House stage. Reflecting on the far-reaching impact of COVID-19 on all aspects of our lives, our leading speakers and thinkers will provide insight and meaning during this extraordinary historical moment. How are we responding as individuals and societies, what’s emerging as important, and what parts of “the new normal” do we want to retain on the other side?

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