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Thinking Through a Crisis: Brigid Delaney and
Dr Monty Badami

Digital Season | Streamed live from the Joan Sutherland Theatre

On Demand from: 7th June

Genre: Talks & Ideas

What do ethics mean in a time of crisis? Join award-winning journalist and writer Brigid Delaney and anthropologist Dr Monty Badami in a broad ranging conversation about our moral principles. What different philosophical traditions can we look to for purpose, guidance and comfort at times like this? How have things shifted for us as individuals and as societies? How do we best confront inequality and injustice? And what can we meaningfully take from this time into the future?

Hosted by Edwina Throsby.

Brigid Delaney is a senior writer for Guardian Australia. She has previously worked as a lawyer and journalist at the Sydney Morning Herald, the Telegraph (London), ninemsn and CNN. She is the author of Wellmania, This Restless Life and Wild Things.

Dr Monty Badami is an Anthropologist and the Founder of Habitus, a social enterprise with Anthropology, Emotional Intelligence and Educational Psychology at its core. Monty combines evolutionary evidence with cross-cultural research to demonstrate how our creativity, diversity and imperfection, is actually the secret to our adaptability and success as a species.

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