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The Cure perform ‘Plainsong’ in the Concert Hall

Watch 4K director's cuts of  'Plainsong', 'Pictures of You' and 'Disintegration' by the band's longtime friend and director, Nick Wickham, from The Cure’s landmark performance of Disintegration at Vivid LIVE 2019.

“Our five shows at the Sydney Opera House in May 2019 - celebrating the 30th anniversary of the 1989 album Disintegration - are among the most memorable we have ever played - indeed, our entire Sydney trip was like a wonderful dream... I am so happy the final night of the run was captured in such expressive style by our longtime friend and director Nick Wickham - the release of the whole concert can’t be too far away… ”

- Robert Smith

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Watch The Cure perform 'Pictures of You'

Watch “Pictures of You” from The Cure’s landmark performance of Disintegration.

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Watch The Cure perform 'Disintegration'

Watch The Cure perform the title track from their majestic masterpiece.

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