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Sydney duo Party Dozen perform 'Play The Truth' in a vacant Drama Theatre

Party Dozen is the experimental sonic project of Sydney-based musicians Kirsty Tickle (Exhibitionist) and Jonothan Boulet. Bringing together amplified saxophone, looped guitars and percussion, the duo present a live version of 'Play the Truth' on a vacant Drama Theatre stage.

This new film, premiered as part of Nooks and Crannies Volume 2, mirrors the giddying experience of their infamous live shows. A purpose built camera system encircles the players and increases the vertigo.

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Dobby on stage, wide shot, yellow light above him drenched in smoke

Dobby performs 'I Can't Breathe'

Recorded live from the Joan Sutherland Theatre, rapper, drummer and speaker DOBBY performs his latest track 'I Can't Breathe’. This is an eye opening manifesto that should be essential viewing for all Australians.

Strobe lights in the concert hall, blurred words read 'Border Country' on-stage near the top of the image

Underworld perform 'Border Country'

British techno titans Underworld perform their 2019 track 'Border Country' in the cavernous Concert Hall for a thrillingly immersive, pulse poundingly visceral dance floor experience from Vivid LIVE 2019.

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis arm in arm bow on stage

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis perform 'Push the Sky Away'

The Bad Seeds bandmates perform their classic song 'Push The Sky Away' with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Sydney Philharmonia Choirs.

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