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Stories and Songs of Resilience

Archie Roach & Jack Charles

Join two elder statesmen of Australian Indigenous culture for a night of storytelling, music, and healing.

In the Drama Theatre.

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On Uncle Archie:
“The definitive voice of Indigenous Australia.”
The West Australian
On Uncle Jack:
“The grandfather of Indigenous theatre.”
The Guardian

Music and storytelling by legendary Indigenous performers 

Archie Roach and Jack Charles are two elder statesmen of Australian Indigenous culture – Uncle Archie is one of the country’s most treasured singer-songwriters, and Uncle Jack an award-winning stage and screen actor.

Both men, survivors of the stolen generations, are now spending their twilight years stoking the fires of change in the youth justice system. Together, they’re promoting empowerment and rehabilitation through the arts, and advocating for prison rehabilitation programs – they’re fighting to make a difference. Their journey has taken them across Australia, spinning yarns and sharing songs, touching the lives of young people.

Join us for a very special night of storytelling and music, as these two living legends reflect on their life journeys and share their passion for healing.

More about Archie Roach and Jack Charles...

Uncle Archie remains the definitive voice of Indigenous Australia and a national treasure. His moving songs reflect his gift for storytelling, and gets to the heart of what it means to be human. He has been performing for over thirty years, and has a collection of ARIA nominations and Deadly Awards. His music continues to explore the troubled landscape of modern Aboriginal Australia, and the universal themes of love, sorrow, family, country, and community.

Uncle Jack is one of Australia's most respected and enduring actors. He co-founded Australia's first Indigenous theatre group, Nindethana, in 1971. He has appeared in theatre and film across the country. A strong model who believes in connection to culture, he wants stories of resistance to be known in mainstream Australia.   

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