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Experience Japan

Experience A Different World of Japanese Cuisine, Culture & Tourism! Meet the producers and purveyors from various prefectures. Watch, learn and taste premium products direct from Japan.

In the Concert Hall Southern Foyer

Experience Japan

Experience Japan in Australia! Discover unique destinations for your next Japan holiday, learn about its rich culture and taste authentic flavours including a wide range of citrus juices, premium Kirin beer and Dassai sake, Japanese ingredients from Asian Inspirations, Shoda Shoyu and exciting delicacies from Ehime, Okinawa, Tokushima, Nagano, Nigata and more!

Watch live demonstrations and cultural performances. Meet champion baristas, finest sommeliers, and funky mixologist, plus a chance to meet celebrity chefs when they sneak through the hall in preparation for the Iron Chef All Stars 2017 Dinner! Free entry, get your tickets now!

Presented by Tryber and Glamorazzi

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