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Josh Niland: How to fillet a fish

Confused about cod? Scared of sardines? Terrified of unsustainable tuna? Australia’s fish guru Josh Niland dives deep into ethical seafood shopping, and teaches you how to clean, gut and fillet a fish.

In the Studio

“All I’m trying to do is introduce what a butcher does for a customer into the fish world, by removing some of the confrontation people feel about buying fish.”

Josh Niland

Hands-on skills from Sydney’s Fish King

Josh Niland had his heart stolen early on by the fish section. The owner and chef at celebrated Sydney seafood restaurant St Peter, Josh has just opened Australia’s first ever fish butchery. In this hands-on session, he will help you learn the best way to shop for, prepare, and store fish and seafood.

Up your fish game! Learn how to identify the best and freshest fish at the counter, which fish are in season when, and which species are plentiful and okay to eat versus those which are becoming endangered. Josh will discuss the environmental impact of the fishing industry, freshness and flavour, and how these factors are all intertwined.

Come ready to roll your sleeves up, as you turn a whole fish into fillets, ready to take home and eat along with tips for turning scraps into something useful.

More about Josh Niland...

Josh Niland is seafood king behind Fish Butchery and Saint Peter in Paddington. He is the winner of the 2018 Good Food Guide’s ‘Best New Restaurant of the Year’ and developed his love for seafood during his years in some of the busiest kitchens in Sydney. He has worked previously for Glass Brasserie, Est. Restaurant, spent time in the development kitchen at The Fat Duck in the UK, The Woods Restaurant & Grain Bar and was head chef at Fish Face before starting up Saint Peter.

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