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Fringe-dwellers & fanatics

David Neiwert, Ed Husain and Jeff Sparrow

Leading writers David Neiwert, Ed Husain and Jeff Sparrow take to the stage to discuss the rise of extremism around the world.

In the Studio. 

“We can’t blame the rest of the global neighbourhood for the fire we’ve lit in our own home.”

Ed Husain 

An education on extremism

Join a powerful discourse on hate groups, white supremacists, neo - Nazis, Islamists, Antifa, One Nation, and anti-immigration movements.

Examine the movement of these groups and ideologies into mainstream politics across western governments, including Australia.

Consider the nature of the people who are attracted to these sorts of extreme politics, and think about where they might be dragging the centre of political debate globally.

More about Fringe-Dwellers & Fanatics...

Ed Husain is a British-born, New York based author and a senior fellow. In his bestselling book The Islamist he explores the widening relationship between Islam and the West. Ed founded the world's first counter-extremism think tank, Quilliam, in 2008, and has advised government leaders and policymakers around the world. His latest book, The House of Islam: A Global History, was published in 2018.

David Neiwert is an American-born investigative journalist, author and contributor based in Seattle. In 2000 he received the National Press Club Award for Distinguished Online Journalism for a domestic terrorism series he produced for His most recent book, Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump, was published in 2017.

Jeff Sparrow is a writer, editor and broadcaster. He is a columnist for Guardian Australia, a Breakfaster at Melbourne's 3RRR and the immediate past editor of Overland literary journal. His most recent books include  No Way But This: In Search of Paul Robeson and the forthcoming Trigger Warnings: Political Correctness and the Rise of the Right

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