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Sally Rugg:
How to be an activist

Campaign Director, Creative Director, LGBTQI Rights campaigner Sally Rugg headed the GetUp! campaign for Same Sex Marriage in Australia, and is now the Executive Director of Now she shares the nuts and bolts of how to start a social movement.

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“I was such a determined slash insubordinate child, I think that kind of predisposed me to activism.”

Sally Rugg

Your toolkit for making change

Sally Rugg knows change movements inside and out. A leader in the successful campaign that saw marriage-equality written into Australian law, and newly-appointed National Director of, Sally will give us the need-to-know info on how to make real change in your community. How do you identify what's going to be the most effective strategies? Does street protest still work? How important is police liaison, and how do you do it? Should online organising lead? Are consumer boycotts relevant? What are the laws you need to know about in Australia? Sally lifts the lid on how to be an effective activist.

More about Sally Rugg...

Sally Rugg is the national. Director of and, as the former Campaign Director at GetUp!, lead their marriage equality campaign for five years. She is a regular media spokesperson, appearing on Sky News, ABC Breakfast, The Project, A Current Affair and The Feed and Triple J’s Hack. Sally is a respected written commentator and is published in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, Junkee, Pedestrian and Vice. She is currently writing a book about the marriage equality campaign.

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