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Sam Thorp:
How to get bang for your charity buck

Want to donate to charity, but don’t know where to begin? Join expert Sam Thorp for practical, independent advice on how to effectively support the causes you care about.

In the Studio

NGOs and NFPs..which one’s better?

Want to donate to charity, but don’t know where to begin? The complex world of NGOs and NFPs can be confusing for even the best-intentioned person. Is it better to support local causes or international projects? How much money really makes it to those in need after overhead costs? With so many causes vying for your money, it can feel impossible to decide - which charities are the best?

Rather than simply shelling out your hard-earned dough to the next telemarketer or charming chugger that accosts you in the street, it is actually possible to have all your facts straight to ensure your charity dollar is well-spent. Sam Thorp has spent his career working in not-for-profits and knows the sector inside out. In this practical session, he will outline the key factors to consider when choosing charities. This is a practical guide to making an effective personal decision. 


More about Sam Thorp...

Sam Thorp is a social consultant with seven years of experience in the not-for-profit sector, working across three continents. He is the founder and former CEO of ChangePath, a leading independent charity assessment platform that helps Australians to choose which charity to donate to. He now works as a consultant at Social Ventures Australia, where he helps organisations tackle complex issues and improve the social purpose sector.


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