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Law school: sex and relationship advice

Benjamin Law and his mum, Jenny Phang

Benjamin Law and his mum Jenny Phang talk relationship dilemmas, life dramas, and other people's fantasies. Go beyond the birds and the bees with this hilarious and heartwarming event.

In the Studio

“We grew up with a lot of SBS.”

Benjamin Law

The world's first mother-son sex and relationships advice duo

Do you accidentally get turned on while watching a nature documentary? Are you dating someone whose tattoos are the worst but you're having the best sex of your life? Has your partner had more one night stands than you?

Never fear: this mother-son sex and relationships advice duo is here to save you from yourself. Their column, “The Law School”, has been running since 2011 in The Lifted Brow, and offers stern warnings, enthusiastic encouragement, and occasionally questionable to desperate lovers and sexual adventurists alike.

Law School brings intergenerational wisdom to the practical and ethical dilemmas of sex and relationships from two generational and cultural perspectives. Prepare yourself for advice that will either save your love life, or ruin you forever.

More about the speakers...

Benjamin Law is a Sydney-based TV screenwriter, journalist and newspaper columnist. He is the author of two books, The Family Law (2010) and Gaysia: Adventures in the Queer East (2012), and is the co-author of the comedy book Shit Asian Mothers Say (2014). The Family Law has been translated into French and is now a major SBS TV series. Benjamin is a frequent contributor to Good Weekend (The Sydney Morning Herald / The Age), frankie and The Monthly.

Jenny Phang was born in Ipoh, Malaysia, and is the mother of five children. She lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

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