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Kirsty Mootz:
How to make your own eco-products

Save your money and keep it out of the pockets of big multinationals: learn how to make an organic skincare product, an eco-friendly cleaning product, and a beeswax wrap that makes an excellent alternative to plastic wrap.

In the Studio 

“The entire beauty industry is built on the peddling of pernicious nonsense.”

Sam Leith, The Guardian

Smash the beauty myth

Kirsty Mootz wants to change the way we think about the products we use every day—from beauty to home cleaning. The dollars we spend on expensive face and home products are fuelling an unsustainable, patriarchal industry, and it’s cheap and easy to make effective and sustainable alternatives.

In this enlightening hands-on workshop, learn about products that save you money, are sustainable and give you the know-how to opt out of a toxic industry.

In this session you will learn how to make an organic face and body scrub, a face serum, an eco-friendly cleaning product, and a beeswax wrap—a reusable substitute for cling wrap.

Take home what you make plus a digital booklet with instructions on how to remake everything you’ve created in the workshop, a cheat sheet for ethical suppliers and recipes to continue your DIY sustainable journey.

More about Kirsty Mootz...

Self-taught skincare and beeswax wrap maker, Kirsty launched Parva ('par.wa': little things) in 2015. Her business has taken her to numerous Sydney markets and her wraps are stocked in ethically conscious stores such as Cornersmith. Kirsty focuses on reducing plastic use in the kitchen, and reducing the effects our skincare has on waterways by sharing her unique tips, tricks and secrets.

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