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Liz Jackson:
The original lifehackers

Disabled people are skilled at harnessing the intuitive creativity cultivated by navigating a world not built for them. Join Liz Jackson as she reveals how this insight offers opportunities for design and innovation.

Hosted by Fenella Kernebone 

In The Utzon Room

“Jackson is passionate about making inclusive design a thing of beauty.”

The Guardian

Uniting accessibility with creativity and good design

Lifehacks are the creative ways we alter things to make them more accessible. Disabled people have long been integral to design processes - though they're frequently viewed as “inspiration” rather than active participants - and are the original lifehackers.

As a disabled designer and the head of an organisation that is creating pathways into design for disabled people, Liz Jackson is constantly thinking about making design more accessible and transforming lifehacks into something of commercial value.

With her unique experience as the founder and president of The Disabled List, join this powerful forward-thinker as she explores the history of disabled people making elegant solutions and the future of building cultural capital.

More about Liz Jackson...

Liz Jackson looks at disability through the lens of fashion and design. She is the founder and president of The Disabled List, a disability design self-advocacy organisation, and WITH, a fellowship that helps match creative disabled people with design studios and other organizations.

Hosted by Fenella Kernebone 

Fenella Kernebone is the Head of Curation for TEDxSydney, and also curator of youth program, TEDxYouth@Sydney and TEDxSydney Salons.

Fenella is a noted television and radio presenter and producer, MC, interviewer and writer. Her hosting roles have included Radio National’s By Design, The Sound Lab on Triple J, Art Nation and Sunday Arts on ABC TV and The Movie Show on SBS TV. 

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