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SMH Live:
Passing the buck

The Sydney Morning Herald's Lisa Davies, Adele Ferguson, Ross Gittins and Jacqueline Maley 

The shocking revelations from the Financial Services Royal Commission have destroyed the reputations of some of our most trusted institutions. Australia’s leading financial journalists explain how this could happen, and what we should do next.

In the Playhouse

“The well worn argument that it was a few bad apples doesn't wash anymore.”

Adele Ferguson

The insiders’ account of the biggest scandals in Australian financial history

A bank charging dead people for financial planning advice, widespread overcharging of fees when no service given, and accusations of aggressive and insensitive conduct to recoup debts from grieving families. It's been hard to miss headlines like these from the royal commission into Australia's financial services sector. But in the midst of the controversy, we should stop and think—what role do major financial institutions play in our economy and society?

Join a panel of Sydney Morning Herald journalists who will look examine the internal cultures of the sector, discuss what the future holds for this crucial industry, and the moral implications of the whole business model. The Herald's editor Lisa Davies will lead the discussion with the investigative journalist whose reporting led to the establishment of the royal commission, Adele Ferguson, The Herald's economics editor Ross Gittins and senior columnist Jessica Irvine.

More about SMH Live...

Lisa Davies joined Fairfax Media in early 2012. She has held several senior reporting and editing roles including Deputy Editor, Investigations Editor, and Justice Editor. In 2016 she was also Fairfax Media's Federal Election Editor. Lisa has had a particular focus on crime and court reporting in her career, covering the Dianne Brimble inquest, the murder trials of Gordon Wood and Oscar Pistorius, and has published a book about the inspiring recovery of Sydney bashing victim, Lauren Huxley.

Jacqueline Maley is a columnist and senior writer for the Sydney Morning Herald and Agenewspapers, where she writes about politics, people and social affairs. She has also worked on staff at The Guardian in London and The Australian Financial Review, as well as contributing to numerous other publications including Gourmet Traveller and Marie Claire. In 2016 she won the Kennedy Award for Outstanding Columnist and was nominated for a Walkley Award.

Ross Gittins is the economics editor of The Sydney Morning Herald and an economic columnist for The Age. He is a winner of the Citibank Pan Asia award for excellence in financial journalism and has been a Nuffield Press fellow at Wolfson College, Cambridge, and a journalist-in-residence at the Department of Economics, University of Melbourne. He holds honorary doctorates from Macquarie University and the University of Sydney. His latest book is GITTINS: A life among budgets, bulldust and bastardry.

Adele Ferguson is a multi-award winning senior business writer and columnist for leading Fairfax newspapers, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and the Australian Financial Review. She is a regular guest reporter on ABC's Four Corners and she is the author of the best selling unauthorised biography on Gina Rinehart, the richest woman in Australia. With more than 20 years in journalism, Adele carries a reputation as one of Australia’s most awarded journalists. Her investigations go behind corporate spin and expose corporate wrongdoing. She is a strong advocate for improving whistleblower protections and giving vulnerable people a voice.

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