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Joshua Lyons:
Subverting surveillance

Assessing what has really happened in a conflict was once close to impossible, but Human Rights Watch’s Joshua Lyons is using technology in new ways, to reveal the truth in war.

In the Utzon Room

“The tell-tale signs of a devastating attack are obvious—even via satellite.”

Joshua Lyons 

Using surveillance as a force for good

Foreign regimes and human rights violators are skilled in dismissing testimonies of abuse. But alongside witness accounts, new technology has created incredible opportunities to challenge false information from governments and regimes.

Joshua Lyons collects and analyses video imagery from satellites, drones and even social media, to support human rights investigations around the world and challenge claims by human rights violators. From attacks on civilians in Syria to the destruction of a gold mining village in the Central African Republic, Lyons’ forensic investigative process sorts out truth from propaganda, and helps bring perpetrators to justice.

Join this committed human rights defender as he explores the astonishing potential of drones, satellites and robotic technology for uncovering the truth in a murky world.

Presented in partnership with Human Rights Watch.

More about Joshua Lyons...

Joshua Lyons has master’s degrees in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Geographic Information Science from University College London. He has worked for a number of international organisations and NGOs in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Liberia and Indonesia.

He was the principal analyst of the UN’s operational satellite applications program, which provided research in support of humanitarian operations during natural disasters and armed conflicts. Lyons joined Human Rights Watch in 2012.

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