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Ta-Nehisi Coates: Politics, protest, and pop culture

Author of some of the most seminal essays on contemporary American politics, interviewer of Barack Obama, and writer on Marvel’s Black Panther comics, Ta-Nehisi Coates is a powerful and influential cultural force.

Hosted by Richard Fidler. 

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“The most influential writer in America today.”

The Atlantic

Meet the most influential writer in America today

Decades after his father was a Black Panther activist, Ta-Nehisi Coates began writing for Marvel's Black Panther comic books. The convergence of activism and pop culture is characteristic of this unconventional writer, who after dropping out of college became a journalist and then a regular columnist for The Atlantic.

2015's Between the World and Me, a letter to his son about growing up black in America, was published to international acclaim. His latest work, We Were Eight Years in Power, is a collection of his essays from The Atlantic, including those formed from his interviews with Barack Obama, and brings crucial social commentary to American politics.

Coates' electric mix of personal narrative, journalism and cultural criticism means he is uniquely positioned to comment on contemporary America. Join him as he talks politics, protest and pop culture — and Captain America.

Cheat sheet: Ta-Nehisi Coates

Essential chats with the essayist and Black Panther comic book writer.

More about Ta-Nehisi Coates...

Ta-Nehisi Coates is an American author and journalist whose work includes the #1 New York Times bestseller Between the World and Me, which won the National Book Award for Nonfiction in 2015. He currently writes for Marvel Comics for the Black Panther story arc, in addition to writing as a national correspondent for The Atlantic. His writing fuses reportage, historical analysis, and personal narrative to address some of America's most complex and challenging issues pertaining to culture and identity.

Chaired by Richard Fidler 

Richard Fidler presents ABC's most popular podcast, Conversations. He’s interviewed prime ministers, astronauts, writers and scientists, but the program often features remarkable people who are unknown to the wider world.

Richard is the author of the best-selling books Ghost Empire and Saga Land, a journey into the sagas of Iceland, co-written with Kári Gíslason. Saga Land was awarded the 2018 Indie Book Award for non-fiction.

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