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War Gardens

An exhibition of photography by Lalage Snow

On the Western Broadwalk

“Nurturing gardens is an integral part of defiance, resistance and therapy in a time of war.”

Lalage Snow

This Event is:

Applying a lens of beauty to the narrative of war.

Behind the headlines and violence of the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, and the Middle East, everyday people - with ordinary jobs and ordinary pressures - are trying to maintain a modicum of normality and colour. For some, gardening is the way to achieve this.

War Gardens is a surprising, tragic and beautiful photographic journey through the darkest places of the modern world, revealing the ways people make time and space for themselves, and for nature, even in the midst of destruction. Their gardens symbolise permanence, longevity and triumph in adversity, whilst providing food, shade, fuel, privacy and escape.

Combining powerful images and sensitive interviews, War Gardens shines an empathetic light on conflict, with a fresh look at the narrative of war through the personal stories of those living through them.

Experience the importance of gardens in war ravaged countries, as a means of creativity, therapy and hope - and for the common bond of humanity they instil.

Presented by Sydney Opera House.

More about Lalage Snow...

Award-winning freelance photojournalist, writer and filmmaker Lalage Snow has covered war and unrest in the Middle East and Afghanistan since 2007, making Kabul her home for over five years. There, she worked for a variety of publications including The Sunday Times, The Telegraph and Granta. She has also worked in Gaza, The West Bank, Israel, Eastern Ukraine, Bangladesh, Jordan and Iraq.

An original, creative and intrepid storyteller, she often combines journalism and art in personal projects, many of which have been exhibited around the world to critical acclaim. She single-handedly produced, filmed and directed her first film, Afghan Army Girls for Channel 4 and a series of her short films made in Afghanistan are currently on display at the Smithsonian, the world’s largest museum complex. Most recently she produced, filmed, directed and narrated The Gardeners of Kabul, a half hour documentary for the BBC. Her aim has always been to give people a voice.

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