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Dr Lisa-ann Gershwin: 
The wonders of jellyfish

No one gets excited about jellyfish quite like Dr Lisa-ann Gershwin. Get to know these magical creatures and what they reveal about the future of our oceans.

Hosted by Natasha Mitchell. 

In the Studio

“You won't find anyone in Australia, and very few people in the world, with the depth of knowledge about jellyfish that she does.”

Scientific American

Deep dive into the underwater world of jellyfish

Our oceans are in trouble. Many marine species are on the brink of collapse. But one creature is thriving: the beautiful, dangerous and now incredibly numerous jellyfish.

Jellyfish are simple creatures with simple needs, like fewer predators and warm waters for rapid growth. These are the very conditions we are creating through mechanised trawling, pollution, and climate change. Is the jellyfish population boom indicative of the deteriorating state of the world's waters?

Reconnect to nature with Dr Lisa-ann Gershwin, one of the world's foremost jellyfish biologists, as she talks blooms, blobs and stingers. What can these deadly and mesmerising creatures teach us about our ecosystems and the future of our oceans?

More about Dr Lisa-ann Gershwin...

Dr Lisa-ann Gershwin is an American-born marine biologist and author who now lives in Australia works as a research scientist for CSIRO. Among her many achievements, she has a PhD in Marine Biology from James Cook University and is the creator of the Jellyfish App. Dr Lisa-ann is the author of Stung! and Jellyfish: A Natural History where she explores the relationship between rising jellyfish populations and the state of the world's oceans and advocates strongly for conservation in the marine environment.

Hosted by Natasha Mitchell 

Natasha Mitchell is presenter of ABC RN's science, technology and culture program and podcast, Science Friction.

She is a multi-award winning ABC journalist, presenter, podcaster and documentary maker. She has hosted some of ABC RN’s most popular programs, including our long-running daily morning show Life Matters for four years (2012-2016) and was the founding presenter & producer of the popular science, psychology & culture radio program, All in the Mind, from 2002-12.

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