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Because Self Care

Zing Tsjeng, Brigid Delaney and Patrick Lenton

TV binges, wellness trends - is that all we ever talk about anymore? Our culture experts get to the bottom of what, exactly, we're trying to tune out.

Hosted by Faustina Agolley.

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“[Netflix] numbs my senses and makes me forget about everything else – which is welcome, considering the state of the world.”


Arwa Mahdawi, The Guardian

The world's cancelled. Let's watch Queer Eye. 

The world outside is a garbage fire. And so we close the door. Casual conversation is less international politics and more Keanu Reeve's reinvention, Lizzo’s album drop or the best yoga app. With leisure time spent on treadmills and plugging headphones into laptops, are we running away? Are we tuning out? 

Executive Editor at VICE Media UK Zing Tsjeng, the Guardian columnist Brigid Delaney, and Junkee Editor Patrick Lenton will be confessing pop culture obsessions and asking: are nights in with Netflix a way to withdraw from the horrors of climate change? Are astrology apps the answer to a secular search for mystery and meaning? Join this fun session as they wonder what, exactly, we’re trying to escape.

More about the speakers...

Zing Tsjeng is VICE Media UK's Executive Editor. She has debated at Telegraph Women events, appeared on Late Night Woman's Hour and written for Dazed, The Guardian and Broadly. She also presents documentaries for VICE – 1.2 million YouTube users watched her video, Acid Attacks. Her book series, Forgotten Women, profiles the women who shaped and were erased from our history. You can follow her on Twitter at @misszing, where she can be found tweeting angry political commentary and slightly less angry memes.

Brigid Delaney is a senior writer for Guardian Australia. She has previously worked as a lawyer and journalist at the Sydney Morning Herald, the Telegraph (London), ninemsn and CNN. She is the author of This Restless Life, Wild Things and Wellmania, and has lived in Sydney, Melbourne, New York, Dublin, London, Berlin and Barcelona.

Patrick Lenton is a writer and author living in Sydney, Australia. The Entertainment Editor at Junkee, his a book of short stories called A Man Made Entirely of Bats, was called ‘odd’ by critics, and was shortlisted for the Most Underrated Book Award 2016. His fiction and memoir have appeared in The Best Australian Stories, The Best Australian Comedy Writing, The Lifted Brow, and he is a regular contributor to Daily Life, The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald, The Vocal, VICE i-d and more.

Faustina Agolley, or affectionately DJ Fuzzy,  is a TV Host, TV Producer, Music Journalist, Writer, Actor and DJ. She’s hosted Australia’s top rating entertainment program, The Voice, and Australia’s flagship music program, Video Hits. Faustina made her stage debut in Sydney Theatre Company’s The Father, and is currently featuring in her televison debut role on Season 2 of ABC’s Harrow.

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