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Collective Tarot Reading with Psychic Sarah 


Don't miss the chance to take part in a collective tarot reading. Experienced tarot practitioner, Psychic Sarah Barry, turns her intuitive abilities to the Antidote audience in this enchanting one off event. 

In the Concert Hall Northern Foyer.

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“What do we need to grow? What have we forgotten? What action can we take that supports all rather than a few?”

Psychic Sarah 

Be part of a mass tarot experience

In dark and uncertain times, we often find ourselves turning to mysticism and sprituality. The Empress, the Magician, the Lover, the Fool - the tarot deck is full of vivid imagery of archetypes that represent different aspects of the human psyche, and has been a mystical way of finding answers since the 18th century. For centuries, tarot has been used to clarify questions or seek a new direction. Bring your question, hopes and fears for our collective future to experienced tarot practitioner, Psychic Sarah Barry, as she does an exclusive mass reading for Antidote. What can we discover about our shared future? How can we ask for help? What do our questions tell us about our community?

More about Psychic Sarah... 

Psychic Sarah Barry has been a full time professional psychic tarot reader for sixteen years, working from a private tarot office in Newtown, Sydney. Compassionate in approach and with a healthy dose of humour, Sarah uses the tarot as a tool rather than a definitive source, and allows her intuition and psychic ability to translate what she sees unfolding. With a unique, nonsectarian tarot reading style that is open, calm and grounding, she is nonjudgmental, insightful and inspiring.

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