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What happens when six strangers from different walks of life respond to an online ad to meet someone new for the first time in front of a camera?

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“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.” 

Friedrich Nietzsche

Would you answer the ad?

A social experiment that unpacks first impressions and connecting with others, this short documentary from Vonne Patiag and Sheila Ngoc Pham explores what it means to connect IRL ('in real life') during the age of social media. See what emerges when six brave people open up and take the chance to connect with someone they would not otherwise ever meet.

More about the creators...

Vonne Patiag is a Filmmaker and Writer based in Western Sydney. He is the Director of In-Between Pictures, a production company focused on telling personal stories that explore queer/ethnic intersection and unpacking issues of racism and prejudice - localised stories with global appeal. His recent projects include 'Halal Gurls', an online comedy series offering a candid look at the lives of three Hiajbis living their best lives in Bankstown, premiering on ABC iView in late 2019, and 'Tomgirl' a narrative short film exploring Filipino Bakla culture in Blacktown that premiered on SBS Viceland /onDemand in February 2018.

Sheila Ngoc Pham is a writer, editor and producer working in radio, print, online and film. She primarily focuses on narrative nonfiction and has been widely published in literary and mainstream publications. Sheila has held numerous digital and editorial roles at the ABC and is currently co-producing a five-part documentary series on multilingualism for ABC RN. She was previously a curator for TEDxSydney and directed the first TEDx in northern Thailand. She lectures in public health ethics at Macquarie University and is undertaking a PhD at the Australian Institute of Health Innovation.

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