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Deborah Lipstadt: Antisemitism: Here and Now 

Neo fascists, white nationalists - antisemitism is the hate that will not die. Join historian Deborah Lipstadt as she explains what it looks like, and how to stand up to it. 

Hosted by Ramona Koval. Venue to be announced. All venues are located within the Sydney Opera House.

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“Lipstadt’s book [is] crucial for understanding the dismaying resurgence of antisemitism—on both the right and the left.”

The Washington Post

How to fight Antisemitism today

From white supremacist demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia, to accusations of antisemitism levelled at world leaders such as Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn, to a spate of swastika symbols painted in the Bondi area; Jews are murdered, targeted and harassed. Even Holocaust deniers continue to speak, attacking truth and memory. American historian and Holocaust expert Deborah Lipstadt's most recent book makes the case that antisemitism is still rife within our culture. If anything, Lipstadt writes, bigots are growing more confident. Spend time with this brilliant historian as she explores what contemporary antisemitism looks like, and how to take up the fight against hatred and prejudice.

Session supported by Shalom

Cheat sheet: Deborah E. Lipstadt

Study up on famed historian Deborah E. Lipstadt ahead of her much-anticipated appearance at ANTIDOTE.

More about Deborah Lipstadt...

Deborah E. Lipstadt is Dorot Professor of Modern Jewish History and Holocaust Studies at Emory University. She was sued for libel in 1996 by David Irving for having called him a Holocaust denier, but won the case in court. She is the author of: History on Trial: My Day in Court with David Irving; Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory; and Beyond Belief: The American Press and the Coming of the Holocaust, 1933–1945, and most recently, Antisemitism. She lives in Atlanta.

More about the moderator...

Ramona Koval is a writer, journalist and broadcaster. Her book of international literary interviews is Speaking Volumes: Conversations with Remarkable Writers (Scribe) , and she presented The Book Show and Books and Writing on ABC Radio National for almost two decades. 

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