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Kim Gordon: 
Art & Rebellion

Sonic Youth bassist Kim Gordon has made a career out of disobedience - flipping gender norms, writing lyrics against conservative politics. So what does a rockstar have to do with political dissent?

Hosted by Myf Warhurst. In the Concert Hall, our largest venue | View Seat Map

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“I maybe always had a problem with authority, like a stubbornness about what's expected.”

Kim Gordon

Goddess of the counterculture talks art and protest

Global icon Kim Gordon is commonly known as the former bassist and co-founder of Sonic Youth, the experimental downtown New York rock band founded in 1981 with whom she played for three decades. But she's not just a 'girl in a band,’ having contributed to the countercultural zeitgeist as a visual artist, writer, actress, and designer. Join the interdisciplinary and revolutionary innovator as she looks at the relationship between art, activism, and politics, and how creativity can change the world.

More about Kim Gordon...

Kim Gordon has been writing and performing experimental rock music for more than three decades, in addition to her work as a visual artist, writer, and designer. In 1981, she co-founded the band Sonic Youth, for which she sang and played guitar and bass. Kim's book of essays, Is It My Body?: Selected Texts, was published in 2014 on Sternberg Press. Her memoir, Girl In A Band, was published in 2015 to international acclaim and her visual art continues to be exhibited worldwide. Kim continues to perform solo improvisational shows as well as with 'Body/Head', a guitar duo with Bill Nace. She currently has her first solo North American Museum solo-exhibition at The Warhol Museum of Art, in Pittsburg and will open a show this July in Dublin at IMMA, the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

More about the moderator...

Myf Warhurst is a broadcaster, TV presenter, journalist & writer. She currently hosts the daily afternoon show on ABC Radio and presents Bang On! with co-host Zan Rowe - a podcast where they chat about the biggest issues in art, music and pop culture.

Myf is probably best known for her seven-year stint as a team captain on ABC TV's Spicks and Specks. After 277 episodes Myf, Alan and Adam decided to finish the show on a high note in 2011. In 2012 she premiered her solo venture Myf Warhurst’s NICE on ABC1.

Since 2017, Myf has hosted the Eurovision Song Contest alongside Joel Creasey. In 2019 the pair hosted Eurovision: Australia Decides as well as the annual song contest from Tel Aviv, Israel.

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