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The Myth of the Fair Go

Bri Lee, Veronica Gorrie & Rick Morton

Moderated by Laura Murphy-Oates

Racism, family trauma, poverty - social disadvantage comes in many different and often intersecting forms. How do we dispel the idea of "lifters and leaners" to build a society where everyone truly gets a fair go?

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"I wanted to break the cycle of fear that was instilled in me as a young child."
Veronica Gorrie

Privilege and disadvantage: confronting systemic injustice

A proud Gunai/Kurnai woman, Veronica Gorrie spent ten years in the white, male dominated Queensland police force, causing her to navigate the impacts of trauma and racism.

When lawyer and author Bri Lee visited a Rhodes Scholar friend in Oxford, she began to question power and education, and how they reinforce privilege and disadvantage. Who gets to be smart, she wondered, and how does this affect our politics and society?

Rick Morton grew up in family that passed down violence, poverty and trauma and now writes about what it means to live well.

These three brilliant writers will explore the challenges of breaking cycles of poverty, exclusion and violence, to create a world that is truly equal and fair.

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More about Bri Lee...

Bri Lee is an author and freelance writer. Her journalism has appeared in publications such as The Monthly, The Saturday Paper, Guardian Australia and Crikey. Her first book, Eggshell Skull, won Biography of the Year at the ABIA Awards, the People's Choice Award at the Victorian Premier's Literary Awards, and was longlisted for the 2019 Stella Prize. She is also a non-practicing lawyer and continues to engage in legal research and issues-based advocacy.

More about Veronica Gorrie...

Veronica Gorrie (Ronnie) is a Gunai/Kurnai woman who lives and writes in Victoria. Ronnie is an avid campaigner against family violence and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander deaths in custody. Ronnie is passionate about pursuing justice for mob who were and still affected by genocidal Stolen Generation. Black and Blue, a memoir of her childhood and the decade she spent in the police force, is her first book.

More about Laura Murphy Oates...

Laura Murphy-Oates is a Ngiyampaa Weilwan woman and the 2018 Walkley Young Journalist of the year. She is the presenter and executive producer of Guardian Australia's daily news podcast Full Story.

She previously worked as a radio presenter on Triple J's 'Hack', and a TV presenter/journalist at 'The Feed’ on SBS VICELAND. She’s reported from remote and regional areas across Australia, plus Canada and the US, with a particular focus on racial discrimination and gender equality.

More about Rick Morton...

Rick Morton has been a journalist and writer for over fifteen years. He is the winner of the 2013 Kennedy Award for Young Journalist of the Year and the 2017 Kennedy Award for Outstanding Columnist. In 2019, Rick left The Australian and is now a senior reporter for The Saturday Paper. Rick regularly appears on television, radio and panels across both the ABC and commercial networks discussing politics, the media, writing and social policy.

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