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The Studio

Anatomy of the Piano (For Beginners) 

Whirlwind piano playing, hand-drawn projections, songs and stories

In the Studio

“A master of music, with a beautiful twist”

Fringe Review

A fantastic pianistic adventure for families 

Join acclaimed musician Will Pickvance for an exciting exploration of the piano and the rich history of the great musicians who transformed it. The critically acclaimed one man show takes families on a fantastic pianistic adventure that sees them find Bach in a cave, meet a bad-tempered Beethoven and jam with ‘Fats’ Waller.

Anatomy of the Piano is the perfect way to introduce mini musicians to the sounds and styles of this magical instrument! 

Written and performed by Will Pickvance, supported by Red Bridge Arts.

Presented by Sydney Opera House

Anatomy of the Piano
Join Will as he is drawn into a fantastic pianistic adventure that sees him find Bach in a cave, meet a bad-tempered Beethoven and even jam with ‘Fats’ Waller.

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