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Music of the Forest 

An intimate and immersive introduction to classical music for children

In the Utzon Room

“In the forest, nothing is wasted.”

Bryony Anderson, Designer

A unique and intimate classical music experience

Venture through the fern-filled and leaf-littered forest paths of the Frugal Forest, an installation made entirely from salvaged materials, and listen to the stories the forest people have to share. Deep in the forest stands a clearing where kids will find themselves immersed by a unique and intimate classical music experience. 

Featuring iconic music from renowned composers, this incredible music experience will introduce kids to the instrument families and the ways in which music can be used to capture the sounds of an environment.

Presented by Sydney Opera House and Frugal Arts Inc. 

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Performed by live by a String Quartet

Wagner – Meistersingers Overture (children’s version)
Handel - Sarabande
Tchaikovsky – Morning Prayer
Holst – Jupiter from The Planets
Beethoven – Cavatine
Handel – Bouree from Water Music
Vivaldi – sounds from the 4 Seasons
Vivaldi – 2nd & 3rd movements from Summer
Monti – The Celebrated Czardas 

Wednesday 2nd August performances only
Wagner – Meistersingers Overture (children’s version)
Handel - Sarabande
Tchaikovsky – Morning Prayer
Holst – Jupiter from The Planets
Beethoven – Cavatine
Handel – Bouree & Andante Con Moto from Water Music
Vivaldi – sounds from the 4 Seasons
Vivaldi – 2nd & 3rd movements from Summer

Music of the Forest
Discover the music of the forest in this immersive introduction to classical music, set within the fern-filled and leaf-littered paths of the Frugal Forest.

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