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Welcome to Berlin, 1936.

Set in the lead up to the 1936 ‘Nazi Olympics’, Games is inspired by the true stories of two world-class Jewish athletes in their bid to compete for their country. 

In the Utzon Room

“This is a riveting exploration of identity, idealism, heroism, and the politics of sport.”

The Sunday Times

Welcome to Berlin, 1936

Europe is divided, economies are losing their footing, anti-semitism and right-wing populism are gaining traction. The Olympics in Berlin are just around the corner, but they are in jeopardy of facing a boycott.

In a bid to placate the international community, Helene Mayer, a German Jewish athlete, is selected as the Nazi’s token competitor in fencing at the Berlin Games. However, she is going to learn that she is fighting for more than just a gold medal…

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