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Kids Music Café 

Due to ongoing restrictions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Opera House is currently closed to the public.

As a result, the performances of Kids Music Café on Friday 10 July, Friday 7 August, Friday 4 September and Friday 4 December in the Joan Sutherland Theatre Northern Foyer will no longer proceed as scheduled. 

Ticketholders will be contacted directly with further information. Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time. Further information is available here.

Kids Music Cafe (Live)

Tired of nursery rhymes? Introduce little ones to the brass instrument family with these child-friendly classics, performed by musicians from Sydney Youth Orchestras.

This performance has been cancelled. Ticketholders will be contacted directly with further information.


Tired of nursery rhymes? 

When you’re tired of nursery rhymes, Kids Music Café is a wonderful introduction to live music and instruments for our littlest audience members. 

Ignite a love of music in your little ones, with child friendly classics brought to you by fantastic musicians from Sydney Youth Orchestras.

Each adult ticket includes coffee and a slice of cake, so you can relax and meet other parents in a casual atmosphere. 




Presented by Sydney Opera House


Listen to the repertoire from past shows... 

The String Family

Did you know? 

Vivaldi’s well-known work The Four Seasons is actually a collection of four violin concertos – a ‘concerto’ meaning a piece for solo instrument accompanied by orchestra. Each concerto or ‘season’ consists of three individual movements, generally taking the form fast-slow-fast, and the entire work takes 45 minutes to perform. Quite unusually for the time (1725) Vivaldi published the music with accompanying poems evocative of each movement. This makes the work one of the earliest examples of ‘program music’ – music which has a narrative element.  

The Woodwind Family

Did you know? 

Both Bach pieces from the concert in March, actually come from a larger work called a ‘cantata’.  A cantata is a narrative piece of music for voices with instrumental accompaniment. They typically contain a number of movements with a mix of solo voices, choir and orchestra. The works you heard today are an arrangements of these pieces for instruments without voices. 

The Brass Family 

Fun facts about the Tuba

- If all the tubing was uncoiled, it would be about 6 metres long!
- It can play just about the lowest note of all orchestral instruments
- It weighs about 9 kilograms
- They are one of the most recent additions to the symphony orchestra, showing up in about the mid-1800's

The Harp 

Fun facts about the Harp

- The harp is one of the oldest instruments in the world, dating back to around 3000 B.C.
- There are many different types of Harp, found in different cultures around the world. The largest variety is in Africa. 
- The The modern ‘concert harp’ is over 6 feet high, has 47 strings, and has pedals which alter the pitch of the strings so they can play in any key. 
- A modern harpist uses only the thumb and first 3 fingers on each hand to pluck the strings. 

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