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Firework Fascinators

with Anney Bounpraseuth

Free Creative Play

In this creative workshop, children will create a fun party hat with fantastical fireworks! 

In the Centre for Creativity | Sydney Opera House Presents | Kids & Families

"Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world."
Brene Brown, Professor & Lecturer

Get Fancy with Anney

Using a range of paper-based materials such as cardboard, straws, crepe paper, stickers and cupcake wrappers, children will develop their fine motor skills to create a party hat featuring fantastical fireworks*

*Firework lookalikes (No parents or children will be harmed in this exercise!)

Presented by Sydney Opera House

Sunday Morning Creative Play at the House

The Sydney Opera House's Sunday Morning Creative Play program inspires children’s creativity and sense of play and discovery, through free play or artist-led making activities. Creative Play spans an eclectic mix of multidisciplinary alumni, all dedicated to exploring ideas driven by performance playfulness.

Meet the Artist...

Anney Bounpraseuth is an Australian-born artist of Laotian heritage who reinterprets matriarchal traditions through painting, textiles, and sculpture to assert self-determined identity.

Bounpraseuth describes her kitsch, vivid and intensely patterned aesthetic as Cabracadabra or ‘South East Asian mum-style’ in honour of her mother Chockeo who came from Laos to Australia as a refugee migrant, raising her family in Cabramatta, a suburb of South West Sydney. Bounpraseuth cites her mother's clashing wardrobe and interior decorating style with fake flowers, imitation antiques and mismatched textiles as her main artistic influence.

Bounpraseuth has been featured on ABC TV and iView, ABC Radio National, FBI Radio’s Canvas program and Frankie Magazine. In 2019, she was a finalist for the Hidden Rookwood Sculpture Exhibition and Prize. She has presented in various galleries across NSW with solo exhibitions at Fairfield City Museum and Art Gallery and Bankstown Arts Centre. In 2018, she curated the February ARTBAR at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Anney Bounpraseuth

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