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design your tailored gin

Archie Rose

River Mint? Blood Lime? Lemon Myrtle? Whatever your flavour, you can design your own gin with Archie Rose Distillery's masterclass in the best of botanicals.

“Harriet Leigh's gin designing workshop is art and crafts for grownups - with booze.”

Myffy Rigby, editor, The Good Food Guide

Fighting for rights is thirsty work

A gal needs a good stiff drink. And what better way for an independent woman to do so than to make it herself?

Join Archie Rose Distilling Boss Lady, Harriet Leigh, as she walks you through what makes the best gin.

Guided by the queen of bartending and international distilling, you will get the chance to blend a selection of Archie Rose's pure botanical distillates. Taste along the way to create your own unique blend which will then be shipped to your door. You will receive a full size (700ml) Archie Rose Tailored Gin (RRP$99) that is expertly blended to your specifications.

This class – enlightening and entertaining in equal measure – is not to be missed by anyone.

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