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let's get picklin' with cornersmith

Alex Elliott-Howery

Australians throw away four million tonnes of food waste per year. Be part of the solution – learn the age old art of preserving.

“Cornersmith is at the forefront of the pickling and preserving renaissance.”

Good Food

pickling to save the world

Does your lemon tree always give too much fruit? What are you meant to do when the whole tomato vine ripens at once? And how are you supposed to eat all of those zucchinis, anyway?

Cornersmith cafes have been dealing with the overflow of vegetable gardens for years. This community-minded business trades customers their backyard harvests for a coffee or meal. In an effort to embrace sustainable and ethical food practice, Cornersmith have built up an incredible tradition of potting, preserving, and pickling.

Join owner Alex Elliott-Howery for a hands-on workshop that will take you through vinegar varieties, sweet or savoury palates, and pickling traditions from around the world.

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