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all the single ladies

Kate Bolick

Women are more educated, employed and empowered than ever before. Marriage is in decline. In a world of successful women, what are the consequences of settling down – or not?

“Bolick’s intimate exploration of spinsterhood celebrates the courage of defining for oneself what it means to be happy.”


What does it mean to be an independent woman?

Have you been swiping left? You’re not alone.

With increasing financial independence, women no longer need to settle down to ensure their survival. In 2011, Kate Bolick’s blockbuster Atlantic article, ‘All the Single Ladies’ inspired a heated debate on what we expect from romance. Now, she’s tracking the remarkable demographic shift away from traditional relationship models. 

Combining memoir, feminist theory, cultural criticism and sharp historical research, join this brazenly political and deeply personal discussion about the opportunities of modern singledom.

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