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beauty as resistance

Rebecca Walker

Beauty, in our culture, has a lot to do with power. Hear from influential feminist leader Rebecca Walker on subverting beauty, and reclaiming it as an act of resistance.

“I speak on the intersections of race, class and gender, sexual orientation, all the different ways we’re marginalized.”

Rebecca Walker

Rethink beauty

Rebecca Walker coined the term Third Wave Feminism in 1992. It was a call to action, a response to an evolving movement, and an influential introduction to the idea of intersectionality. She is a provocative thinker and writer on motherhood, gender and race.

Now, she turns her incisive mind to beauty. How can we rethink the cultural concept and its associated notions of power and control? How can we expand beauty’s definition to liberate ourselves from white, patriarchal norms?

Join this author, activist and one of the most influential leaders of her generation for an illuminating discussion about the relationship between beauty and resistance.

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