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women & war

Wai Wai Nu

Wai Wai Nu spent seven years as a political prisoner in Myanmar. Join this incredible human rights campaigner for her piercing insights into the collateral damage of war.

“Wai Wai Nu has gone from political prisoner to a champion of democracy."


speaking out against rape as weapon of war

Until 2011, Myanmar was ruled by an oppressive military regime. Wai Wai Nu was arrested in 2005 – along with her parents and two siblings – for her father's role as an elected Member of Parliament for the opposition. She was sentenced to 17 years in prison.

Wai Wai Nu and her family were released under a presidential amnesty after seven years. So she got straight to work – she finished her law degree, and became a key voice against the violence and oppression faced by the Rohingyan people.

Join this unstoppable young woman for a necessary conversation about the vulnerability of women's bodies during wartime.

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