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all about women

March 4, 2018, Sydney Opera House

For the sixth year running, Sydney Opera House's talks and ideas festival All About Women celebrated International Women's Day with a full day of discussions and events. The festival featured remarkable guests discussing the latest thinking on intersectionality, #metoo, Trump, climate justice, and the curious and contested politics of singledom and relationships.

Curated by Edwina Throsby, formerly the TEDxSydney Head of Curation and founder and producer of ABC's Big Ideas, the 2018 program expanded far beyond talks. This year's festival offered talks and discussions, live podcasts, lessons in pickling and gin distilling, exploring the ability of food to bring like-minded people together.

Designed to make you think and push your boundaries, All About Women is a vibrant festival that asks questions about gender, justice and equality. This year's program is essential for anyone curious about the past and future of feminism.

To view talks from All About Women 2018 visit the Sydney Opera House Talks and Ideas YouTube or listen on iTunes.

Grabbing Back: Women in the Age of Trump
He used to run the Miss Universe beauty pageant. Now he is the President of America. Join our panel of incisive commentators to look at the emboldened ways feminism is responding.
Talks & Ideas
Ladies, We Need To Talk
4 Mar 2018
Ladies, We Need To Talk is like sitting around with your girlfriends and having a few too many wines. Equal parts informative, uncomfortable and giggle-inducing, this podcast definitely breaks taboos.
Talks & Ideas
Suffragettes to Social Media: Waves of Feminism
4 Mar 2018
One hundred years ago, suffragettes were on the frontline of campaigning for women’s rights. Now, we celebrate how far we’ve come, and look forward to an empowered future.
Talks & Ideas