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Haiku Hands. Photo: Cybele Malinowski
Haiku Hands. Photo: Cybele Malinowski

Undermine the patriarchy with this playlist from Haiku Hands

The dance collective share the female artists who are exciting them in 2018

Ying-Di Yin
Communications Specialist

“Shake off the patriarchy on the dancefloor." It's the tagline for All About Women's Block Party, curated by Haiku Hands—the elusive, enigmatic dance collective from Sydney. Known for their rambunctious and powerful live performances, the band is Claire Nakazawa, Beatrice Lewis and Mie Nakazawa. Each 'Hand' a respected artist in their own right, together they create genre bending songs with influences from hip-hop, pop, electronic, dance and disco.

They bring their formidable and highly infectious live show to All About Women’s Block Party, closing out the festival with their curated all-female bill – featuring Sydney’s OKENYO and CLYPSO and DJs Ayebantonye and Mowgli May.

Why was it important for Haiku Hands to be involved in All About Women and Block Party?
The opportunity to curate, hang out and play alongside these awesome artists at the Opera House [drew us to the project]. We wanted to play a part in supporting these discussions and gathering of minds and ideas.

You're the curators of Block Party—why did you pick these three phenomenal artists to join you on stage?
Because they offer something new, fresh and are all active quality artists who play mad tunes.

At the end of 2017, feminism was declared as the word of year—what does the word mean to you?
While we were growing up the word feminism was very unpopular, it had negative, uncool connotations and I think it's meaning was widely misunderstood and misconstrued.

It’s great to see the word now be embraced, used and explored in our current environment. To me the word feminism has always meant the movement towards social equality between women, non-binary and men.

What can we all do in 2018 to activate our own feminism?
Be yourself, deconstruct social pressures, behaviours and expectations, encourage others to be themselves and treat everyone with equal respect and value. Bring awareness to behaviours, beliefs and expectations that support old patterns of inequality in yourself and in others and then change them.

Equally value and strengthen ‘feminine’ qualities in people, systems and organisations, such as flexibility, kindness, vulnerability etc.

HANDSOME — Late Night Ball Game

"'Late Night Ball Game' has a hopeful and uplifting vibe. This is supported in its film clip where you see the beautiful relationship between friends. Nothing like having supportive friends."

OKENYO — Woman's World

"We watched OKENYO perform at Big Sound 2017 and she absolutely killed it, such a strong confident performance. 'I'm a very busy women with a lot on my plate' we can all relate."

Okzharp — Dear Ribane

"Good vibes, nice production and a sick film clip."

Kimbra — Top of the World

"We listened to this song for the first time driving to a gig, together we nodded our heads."

Little Simz — Picture Perfect

"Little Simz is a legend, her skill level is next level. We all watched her perform at the Oxford Art Factory last year and we were so impressed by her performance. She appeared humble, dedicated and cool as f****."

Kira Puru — Tension

"We're massive fan of Kira. With such a powerful and controlled voice her tune 'Tension' is smooth as."

N.E.R.D feat. Rihanna — Lemon    

"Hail Rihanna! Her attitude in this tune is supreme."

Lulu Be — Rude Ting

"Love a tune that makes you rock back and forward."

Karol Conka — Vô La

"Claire and I saw a solid performance by Karol Conka at Sydney Festival one year. Her tunes hyped up the audience in a big way, mad dance tracks."

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