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Janet Mock at Antidote festival 2017

Podcast listening guide

The episodes you should catch up on before coming to our podcasting sessions at All About Women

Susie Anderson

For the first time, AAW will present a podcast-making masterclass and three live recording sessions of Australian-made podcasts: The Guilty Feminist, Ladies We Need To Talk, and Pretty for an Aboriginal

If you're new to the podcasting world, there's a lot to sink your ears into. We've put together a listening guide along the themes of this year's festival and their corresponding events, so you can prep yourself ahead of the festival.

Janet Mock | Tackling stigma through storytelling (It's A Long Story)

When Janet Mock visited Australia for Antidote Festival in 2017, we were floored by her gracious openness and tireless advocacy for the LGBTQI+ community. The writer, author and our new crush sat down with Marc Fennell and took him back to where it all began in our podcast It’s A Long Story.

Listen to this if you’re going to: Suffragettes to Social Media, Trans Like Me.

Janet Mock at Antidote festival 2017
Marina Go
Marina Go. Photo: Paul Miller / AAP IMAGE

Black beauty & how to be a boss (Pretty for an Aboriginal)

‘When did you first realise your race mattered’ is one of the key questions in this podcast that mixes sass with seriousness. Hosts Miranda Tapsell and Nakkiah Lui look at identity, body image, love and race among many other things. In this episode, they talk with former Dolly Magazine editor Marina Go about diversity and representation of women of colour in the media. They’ll be bringing all the wit to All About Women with soon to be announced guests.

Listen to this if you’re going to: Pretty for an Aboriginal, Audiocraft podcast masterclass, Ladies we Need to Talk.


To fall in love, do this (Modern Love)

Community’s Gillian Jacobs reads Mandy Len Catron’s breakthrough article that appeared in the New York Times column Modern Love in 2015. She takes you back to the first date and the questions that changed everything.

Listen to this if you’re going to: All the Single Ladies, How to Fall in Love.

Gillian Jacobs at WonderCon 2012
Gillian Jacobs at WonderCon2012. Photo: Gage Skidmore
Ortho-Novin Dialpak 21 ad
Ortho-Novin Dialpak 21 ad. Photo: Carrie Eisert

Repackaging the pill (99% Invisible)

A primer to the second wave of feminism, this podcast talks about the implications that rolled out after the contraceptive pill his the mass market in the 1960s. This incredible listen looks at the impact of its design on women’s bodies and lives.

Listen to this if you’re going to: Suffragettes to Social Media, Beauty As Resistance.

Hair removal with Jordan Raskopoulos

The iconic opening of Deborah Frances-White’s Guilty Feminist lists all the dichotomies of being a feminist in the twenty-first century: I’m a feminist but... The guest in this episode is Jordan Raskopoulos, comedian, musician and member of our panel Trans Like Me, and they discuss hair removal and its complicated relationship to feminism.

Listen to this if you’re going to: Guilty Feminist, Beauty as Resistance, Trans Like Me.

Jordan Raskopoulos
Steve Almond and Cheryl Strayed of Dear Sugar Radio
Steve Almond and Cheryl Strayed of Dear Sugar Radio

Looking for the one, part 3: Reimagining spinster (Dear Sugar)

Steve Almond and Cheryl Strayad are agony aunts answering listener questions about love, life, intimacy and relationships. In this three parter, they talk about life’s ongoing quest to find ‘the one’. This episode focuses on what happens if you haven’t found a life partner yet, and who better to talk to that than Spinster author Kate Bolick.

Listen to this if you’re going to: All the Single ladies, How to fall in love.

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