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New exhibitions & performances at All About Women

Sydney Opera House

Two new events have been announced as part of All About Women this weekend.

- LA-based Suzanne Lacy, an international pioneer in the field of socially engaged public art, will showcase four video works documenting large-scale performances that examine public narratives around domestic violence and rape: Tattooed Skeleton (2010); Storying Rape (2002); Auto on the Edge of Time (1993-1994) and Three Weeks in May (1997).

The exhibition is open in the Utzon Room from 2.00 - 5.00pm.

- We've got a global team of Insecurity Officers patrolling at All About Women. Ready to rid you of your pesky insecurities, helping you let loose without worry. Write down your insecurities and deposit them into our high-tech Insecurity Safe™. All insecurities collected are private and not read by anyone, then set ablaze.

You can find the All About Women Insecurity Guards roving around the festival from 12.00 - 4.00pm.  

Underground (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1993) by Suzanne Lacy and Carol Kumata

Three Weeks in May (Los Angeles, CA, 1977) by Suzanne Lacy

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