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Nasy Women at All About Women 2017

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Sarah Hunt

Shrill: Lindy West - 2017

What happens to a loud woman with big opinions in a culture where women are expected to be small, quiet and compliant? Lindy West, a writer and commentator known for her strong but humorous opinions, explores just what it means to live as a loud woman.

Watch this if you’re going to: Women in the age of Trump

nasty women panel - 2017

Frightbat, Hyterical, Nasty. Take your pick, these are all labels that are used to put women in their place. Why is it that women with opinions and aspirations to power bring out the worst in our culture? Yasmin Abdel-Magied, Van Badham and Lindy west what happens when women stop being afraid and a term like “nasty woman” becomes a badge of honour.

Watch this if you’re going to: Smashing the patriarchy

Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl: Carrie Brownstein - 2016

Music makes a movement. Feminist punk rock icon Carrie Brownstein talks how punk music helped her find her voice in the iconic Riot Grrl movement.

Watch this if you’re going to: Block party

The happy feminist: Mallory Ortberg - 2016

The stereotype for feminists is that they are sad people that are angry at the world. But what if you can be an upbeat, happy feminist? Mallory Ortberg is just that, and she’s here to share with you just how she does it.

Watch this if you’re going to: Ladies, we need to talk, The guilty feminist

Not a Feminist: Jessa Crispin - 2017

Jessa Crispin will not call herself a feminist. Why? Because she thinks contemporary feminism has grown so tame, cowardly and irrelevant that it is barely making changes to the status quo. This is a call to arms for us to move beyond pleasing everyone and getting everyone on our side, and to start moving to make actual change.

Watch this if you’re going to: #metoo

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